Who Was “The White Eagle”?

Often asked who was The White Eagle?  Gerald Kochan producer of White Eagle in Borrowed Skies, explained that no one flyer was the White Eagle.  The Polish Symbol is the White Eagle just as our American Symbol is the Bald Eagle.  The cadets of the Polish Air Force Officer Cadet School in Deblin are nicknamed “Eaglets”.  Each of these flyers came to represent the White Eagle abroad during WW2 for with the fall of Poland they carried the fight on.  Reorganizing first in France and later in Great Britain upon the Fall of France, they never quit the fight against the Nazi occupiers of their homeland. Forming the largest foreign contingent during the Battle of Britain they downed over 200 aircraft during the battle.  From their top aces like Witold Urbanowicz, Stanislaw Skalski and Boleslaw Gladych to the fitter on the ground who armed and maintained their aircraft they were all Eagles unbowed fighting in Borrowed Skies.